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Growth and Transformation

Leafy greens and vegetables growing in one of the raised garden boxes outside Monarch House Peer Run Respite.

After a very snowy and cold winter, the team at Monarch House was ready for spring! Team members put together some raised garden beds, and seeds were planted for vegetable and herb gardens. Team members were also happy to see perennial plants in the flower bed from plantings that happened before Monarch House opened, like irises and mint.

New life in a garden is a powerful reminder that change and transformation is possible. In the midst of the cold and dark of winter, it can seem hard to believe that with time, the days will grow longer and new growth will emerge from frozen ground. For many of us who work at Monarch House, we've gone through our own personal times of emotional winter--times when we felt frozen and unable to move forward. Fortunately, the paths we were on did not end with winter. We found new life and growth through connection with others who had survived, people who offered us support to move beyond the difficulties we were experiencing. Now, as peer supporters at Monarch House, we offer that same support to individuals coping with distress or crisis. We can help the individuals who stay at Monarch House plant the seeds for their own growth and healing.

Some of the individuals who stayed at Monarch House over the first six months of our opening wanted to share with us and the wider community what it meant to them. Here they are, in their own words:

“All the staff here were very kind and helpful. It was wonderful being able to connect with others who have had similar life experiences to me.”

“It’s a place where you feel at home. I have been looking for a place like this. It’s very comfortable and relaxing and therapeutic."

"The staff actually hung out with us. Did not stay in an office until we needed them. They wanted to hang out with us and learn more about us.”

“This Peer Run Respite means a lot. I would “prefer” others who is going through difficulties in their life to connect here. This place is a great place. Place to stay to clear your mind and overcome your situation.”

“Monarch House allowed me the space to not have to think about my every day stressors. I was able to have space and time just for me without having guilt. I was able to slow down enough to realize just how many things I had been dealing with and that I was still surviving even though I felt like a failure in so much. Others in my family or friends would not have understood me as much as others who have lived experience with anxiety, guilt, depression. I didn’t have constant worry or fear during my stay and can say that I am able to go back to my life a little bit more refreshed.”


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