New Spring Growth

Spring has been coming to a close, the weather has been getting warmer, and Monarch House has been busy! These past few months have been difficult for so many people and we’ve been doing our best to take this time to find alternatives to in-person support. This has manifested as a greater focus on our warmline, both encouraging people to call in and temporarily expanding the area we support to the entire state of Wisconsin, placing more energy into our virtual peer support chat room to provide face-to-face support, and our overnight Discord chat service. None of these replace in-person support, nor are they meant to, but they’ve allowed us to continue supporting our friends and community while holding true to our mission and values.

We’ve also been focusing more on virtual events, including our most recent collaboration with Them de la Crème, where baker Coltan Schoenike decorated a trans pride flag and spoke about LGBTQIA+ challenges and answering questions about this topic (check out our Facebook page for the video!). July’s event is going to be virtual community racial bias training provided by Common Talks of Neenah, Wisconsin, which we are very excited about. With necessary conversations happening surrounding racism, policing, and social systems, education around racial dynamics is so important. We at Monarch House are receiving our own upcoming training to be more able to serve a diverse community and become a more inclusive space.

The biggest thing we’ve been holding close during this difficult time is connection. Maintaining connections with our communities, forging new connections with people who are passionate about healing and hold space for everyone to heal, and strengthening and nurturing all of those connections we hold so dear. Let this blog post serve as not just an update on where WIMA is at or what we’ve done, but as a thank you letter to all of you who have treated us with love and kindness in these trying times. One of the main tenants of peer support is mutuality, and it’s thanks to all of you who support us as we support you that we can continue to be who we are, where we are.


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