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Peer Support Against Inequality

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, inequality is "The quality of being unequal or uneven such as a social disparity, disparity of distribution or opportunity, lack of evenness, and the condition of being variable."


Peer support embraces equally-shared power.

This is one of the fundamental principles of peer support. This means that in practice peer supporters engage with their team, members, and community in fundamental ways such as using language that reflects a mutual relationship, behaving in ways that reflect respect and mutuality,

not expressing or exercising power over those they support, and

not diagnosing or offering medical services but offering a complementary service.

What makes peer support different from traditional clinical or social support is that it places value on lived experience. It recognizes that the lived experiences of individuals make them experts about

their own mental health journeys and in determining their own self-care. Sharing this expertise with others can be the key that unlocks a recovery journey for someone else.

Image: Multiple hands of different skin tones on the base of a tree


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