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The Universal Language of Art

On an energetic level, our sacral chakra is the space where creativity is harbored. In science, it relates directly to the use of the right side of our brain. Whether you believe in science, energy, or a combination of both, it is hard to deny that the arts are a deeply rooted part of our world and among many cultures.

Humans seem to express themselves through a multitude of art forms, and the spectacular thing about it is that we do this when we are happy, sad, angry, confused, among other emotions! It’s one of the universal languages that speaks when we cannot or choose not to use words.

What do you feel when you partake in art? Some might feel joy, contentment, or excitement, and others might feel boredom or frustration. One may find solace in one art form and detest another. Maybe partaking in art means participating by being a viewer and supporter. Art is different for everyone; much like wellness and recovery. It can appear sloppy or chaotic, but there is still beauty to be found in it.

For the artists out there who are perfectionists and look for outward acceptance, please remember the phrase, “Some people like cake, some people like pie. Both are good desserts.”

For the humans out there who are perfectionists and look for outward acceptance, please remember the phrase, “You are perfectly you. You deserve to live as your beautiful, true authentic self. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

If something has stopped you from turning to creativity as a form of healing or self-expression, I challenge you to dig deeper into the “why” behind that. Could you try something new and see how it feels for you?

Here are some ideas:

-Pottery (or painting pottery that’s already been through the kiln)


-Wood carving/stamp making

-Paint/draw/sketch/color in a coloring book

-Doodle journal activity (there are a lot of prompts on the internet!)

-Draw in the sand (you can get a zen garden or do this outside, weather permitting)

Please enjoy the art created and shared by our peers, as well as by team members of Monarch House Peer Run Respite.

From left to right, top row:

Mary, a peer supporter at Monarch House PRR, shares a baby Yoda illustration.

Mandi, a peer shares, "The piece I shared is called Waves. This particular piece is any expression of what 2020 was for me. I had a lot of ups and down moments that I couldn't express. At the same time, there was also a transition of change to move forward no matter what it took to get there. The color choice for this piece chose itself. I didn't really have a plan when I painted it. I just allowed myself to feel the colors and the waves. Art gives me a safe space to express and to feel my emotions when I can't speak about things." (A colorful art piece with hues containing but not limited to: pink, orange, purple)

Sae, executive director of WIMA and Monarch House PRR shares, "I don't know if I consider myself an artist but I do love doodling and making little notes to show people in my life I love them and appreciate them. My favorite things to draw are bunnies because I have indoor house bunnies and I am obsessed with them." (A greeting card doodle of bunnies)

From left to right, middle row:

Alex, a peer supporter at Monarch House PRR shares, "This is my last doodle I made. I thought of my peeps in my head, just floating and watching my body live life, waiting to float up." (Drawing of faces inside of balloons that are tied to strings)

Mary's art is featured here. (Drawing of a skull with dried leaves/plants)

Mary's art is featured here. (Drawing of a dragon)

Bottom row:

Mary's art is featured here. (Drawing of a dragon)