Staying at Monarch House

About the House

Monarch House is located in beautiful Menomonie, WI, about 25 miles west of Eau Claire along I94. It is within walking distance of the Menomonie Public Library, Lake Menomonin, and the Red Cedar Trail System, and about a mile north of historic Downtown Menomonie.


Monarch House is filled with natural sunlight, fun colors, and warm wood. There are four private bedrooms that are fully furnished and that feature locks and private safes. Guests have access to the entire house including two living areas, library/quiet room, well stocked kitchen, dining room, and art studio. The main level of the house is fully wheelchair accessible. There is plenty of free on-site parking behind the building.

Monarch House is staffed day and night by team members who have their own lived experience with mental health and substance use-related challenges as well as other emotionally distressing events in life. Team members receive training in providing non-clinical peer support. There is typically one team member on duty, with a second team member available during busier times.

What Does a Day at Monarch House Look Like?

When a guest arrives at Monarch House, they are greeted by one of our friendly peer supporters. The guest will complete a short entrance process that includes an orientation to the house and to guest expectations as well as completion of minimal paperwork that helps us ensure ongoing funding for the respite.

Guests are able to come and go as needed for work, school, or other obligations or wishes, in order to ensure that their lives are least disrupted as possible. Guests may have visitors in designated areas during daytime hours. Guests are responsible for meeting their own basic needs such as hygiene, meals, and administration of medications. Monarch House provides basic pantry items that guests can utilize for meals. Guests who have special dietary needs are encouraged to bring their own food. Guests who enjoy cooking and baking sometimes cook a communal meal for the whole house, which then leads to impromptu dinner parties. Sometimes, guests and team members will cook and bake together for fun. Check out these beautiful red velvet cookies that our past guests and team members created together!

There is no formal "programming" at Monarch House because we strongly believe that our guests are experts of their own lives and healing. Instead, guests have access to peer support day and night as well as to various tools that guests can utilize to self-direct their own paths to wellness. Some of our tools include:

  • Art supplies

  • Yoga supplies

  • Instruments (keyboard, guitars, violin, Native American flute and drum)

  • Boxing gloves and hand pads

  • Movies and games

  • Computer and internet access

  • Cooking and eating with peers

  • Information about local resources

  • Self-help books and workbooks covering various topics

What is the Entrance Process?

Potential guests access Monarch House through a self-referral process that begins by calling 715-505-5641 and speaking with one of our team members. Because WIMA and Monarch House strongly believe in self-determination and mutuality, we ask that potential guests call the respite themselves to inquire about a stay.


Once the initial phone conversation takes place, the potential guest will be contacted by a Monarch House team member within four hours and be informed of the decision regarding respite stay.

Peer Run Respite is a short-term overnight program. Guests at Monarch House may stay at the house for up to five nights. Extensions are not possible. Returning guests are asked to wait at least two months before accessing the respite for another stay.


Potential guests may be good fit

for stay if they:

  • Are 18+ years old and are residents of Wisconsin

  • Need and want peer support to navigate or avoid a crisis

  • Want to self-direct their healing process

  • Are able to support their basic health needs

  • Are able to stay clean and sober for the duration of their stay; and

  • Are able to uphold the values of Monarch House Peer Run Respite

Click here to view the pdf version of Monarch House's brochure.


Click here to view the pdf version of Monarch House's information card.

If you would like to obtain a physical copy of the brochure or information card, please email the Program Director at